Watch out for bad mechanics

Jan 24, 2017

A Texas rancher was visiting a farmer in Israel. The proud Israeli showed him around.

 "Here is where I grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash. Over there I built a play set for my kids, next to the doghouse," the farmer said. The land was tiny, and the Texan was surprised by its small size.

"Is this all your land?" he asked.

"Yes," the Israeli said proudly. "This is all mine!"

"You mean this is it? This is all of it?" the Texan said incredulously.

"Yes, yes, this is really all mine!"

"Well, son," said the Texan, "back home I'd get in my car before the sun'd come up and

I'd drive and drive and drive, and when the sun set, why, I'd only be halfway across my land!"

"Oh, yes," replied the Israeli farmer wistfully, "I used to have a car like that."

(Source: Jalopnik:    


Like any industry in the world, the auto repair business has its fair share of good eggs and bad eggs. If you take the time to learn how to recognize an honest mechanic from one that keeps bolts loose or pours old oil in your engine, you'll save your life and your money.  

A very obvious sign that you might be ripped off later is how the industry or the company is doing on the financial front. If you roll up and you find the owner watching the game with a couple of his employees and no customers, it's something to keep an eye on. That's not to say leave, but bear in mind desperate times call for desperate measures.

If you get your vehicle serviced regularly and later find an extensive list of things your mechanic says your car “needs,” you're probably facing a crooked mechanic. Stick to your guns and don't let them try and sell you on a load of other repairs when you originally wanted your spark plugs changed. Had some parts replaced anyway? Ask to keep the old parts. If your old parts are missing when you pick up your vehicle, try and find out where they went. If your mechanics find themselves unable to find what's rightfully yours, you might have a problem on your hands.

Don’t clam up when you have questions and don't let a mechanic back you in a corner. Any honest businessman would gladly answer any questions you have regarding their service. If your questions fluster or anger your mechanic, follow your gut and get your answers.

In a nutshell, bad auto-service is easy to detect and avoid. Keep your eyes peeled, ask questions and always stand your ground. Save yourself and your wallet.



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